Lazy Anglais

from by Blue Hibou



Kim Barlow


Lazy Anglais

I took a trip, I left my home, went far away
and everywhere I stayed I was a lazy anglais
conversations all around, words buzzing by my head
never understanding what was said

You should learn another language
Then you could know more about the world
You should learn another language
like all the kids in Europe do.
Most of them know more than hello and goodbye
It’s not so hard; give French a try.

Je dois apprendre une autre langue
alors je pourrai comprendre plus de monde
Je dois apprendre une autre langue,
comme tous les jeunes en Europe font.
Beaucoup savent plus que bonjour aurevoir
Ce n’est pas si difficile.
d’essayer une autre langue.

Lazy anglais
you should learn another language
Lazy anglais,
then you will know more of this bright world

Everyone knows english,
you can’t be bothered, you say,
the old world it is sexy and sophistiqué
travel all around, speak many tongues
meet more people,
you can have more fun.

wouldn’t you like to have an occasion
to wave your arms and shout in Italian?
or sing a song in Spanish for your sweetie?
read the great philosophers in their original German?


Don’t take offense, I’m not judging you
I am just a lazy anglais too.
We’re lucky here in Canada we have the chance to learn
but I put it off, now it’s come my turn

Lazy anglais
tu dois apprendre une autre langue
Lazy anglais,
alors tu pourras comprendre notre bande.


from Blue Hibou, released February 14, 2014
Kim : Vocal, guitar, banjo
Hélène : Vocal, ukulele
Micah : Piano, bass
Ryan Driver : Organ
Blake Howard : Percussion



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Blue Hibou Whitehorse, Yukon

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